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We would like to welcome you to our Saratoga Builders website. Saratoga Builders is located in Saratoga Springs, is an award-winning, custom home builder that specializes in building homes with the highest quality and energy efficiency that satisfies the needs of new home customer.

We would also like to take a moment to tell you about our values and our commitment to helping you with the construction of your new custom home. We know it can be one of those unique life experiences – like marriage or the birth of your children – that is exciting, but which may also be filled with uncertainty and concern. So we’d like to say that we’ve been there. We’ve bought new homes. We’ve raised our families in them. We’ve felt what you may be feeling right now as you read this, and so we know what it can be like.

That said, we’d like to mention a few things. First, as builders, we bring a good sixty years of combined business and building experience to every new home we build, and our aim is to place all of this at your disposal to help you make choices that are right for you. For us, that means we gain your trust, and for you, it means we offer peace of mind. Second, our commitment to quality applies to design and craftsmanship but equally to meeting your individual needs – we really are there to help. And third, we understand that it’s about building a home and building a relationship – you will live in the house we build, and we want you to remember the building process, and us, fondly.

Our homes have won the most prestigious awards in the industry. We are honored to receive these awards and we take pride in them. We take just as much pride, however, in the relationships we create with you because we understand that this is what transforms a house into your home.


Sam Palazzole, Dan Barber, and our wonderful representative at Keller Williams Realty Saratoga Springs, Christine Marchiesello.

Saratoga Springs, New York

Saratoga Builders, an Upstate New York home builder specializing in premier custom homes is dedicated to not only building homes with lasting value, but creating a building experience that is tailored to each individual home buyer.

Our goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere with open lines of communication and hands-on personal attention. "We want our homeowners to be as happy and excited during the construction of their new home as they are the day they move in" states Dan Barber of Saratoga Builders, LLC. A custom home builder for more than twenty years, Dan along with his partner Sam are committed to...

Award Winning Quality


Sam Palazzole
Sam brings 30+ years of business experience, having successfully run several companies. Sam PalazzoleWith a strong military background and a BA & MBA from the University of Buffalo, Sam is recognized for his great leadership, organizational skills and insight.

Invaluable to the new home industry and often missed by the average new home builder, Sam brings his wealth of business knowledge and expertise to Saratoga Builders, along with his partner and friend, Dan Barber.

Married for more then 30 years, Sam and his wife Linda reside in Saratoga Springs. They enjoy and love all that Saratoga has to offer and the diversity of its residents. After having built several homes for themselves over the years, they recognize and understand the importance of hands on communication and flexibility that is so often missed, but yet so desired by the home buyer.


Dan Barber
Dan has been involved in the new home building business nearly all his life. Having started Dan Barberbuilding new homes in the 1980's with his family, Dan was involved with the key operations of their building business which specialized in high-end homes throughout the Lake George Region.

From locating each house on each lot, to finalizing each house design with each customer, to managing the building of each home, Dan is hands-on with all aspects of every home that is built by Saratoga Builders, LLC.

The #1 goal of Saratoga Builders is to make building a new home a more pleasant and personal experience. They continually strive to build to a higher standard by constantly adding value, superior workmanship and detail to each home they build.